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About Us

It is estimated that approximately 12 million Malaysians have played a SPM game at least once in their lifetime.

Founded in 1976 by Perak born inventor Ting Sie Bing, SPM Syarikat Permainan (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is the largest board games and indoor games creator and producer in Malaysia. Presently, SPM produces over fifty range of games and sells over 150,000 sets anually. Our games range from strategy games to classic games to modern traditional games.

Apart from making games to be played on the table, SPM also has ventured into making giant sized games and organising giant sized game events at many shopping malls around the country. These XL games as we call them, bring board games fun and excitement to a large number of crowd. Board game playing now is no longer limited to a few but played by many at one go.

In our continuing endeavor to remain as the game market leader, Design Research & Development plays an important role in the company to create fresh new games and innovate existing ones. An important part of this design process is forming industry and academic collaboration with local colleges and universities. Students get to work on real products and we get to prepare them for future employment. Internship opportunities are available all year round as an avenue for university students to explore game making potentials before seeking employment.

SPM is constantly innovating in all areas and adopting information technology as best even in connecting with end-users through social media and mobile game apps.